What do you think of when you think of a marriage line?  When it comes to mobile homes, you simply underestimate the importance of this phrase. Simply put, this type of line is the area in your mobile home or manufactured home where it has been joined. This is the area of your home where it is crucial that nothing creeps in, simply because of the fact that a manufactured home is sure to have problems if the line has gone bad. Here are some things to consider when dealing with the “line” of a manufactured home:

A marriage line must be fully inspected, not just for the obvious but also for many other areas as well. For starters, everyone knows that a good manufactured home must have the plastic that comes with it looked at, simply because plastic can get into the line of the structure and cause all kinds of problems, such as restricting much needed air flow to the roof. Moreover, a marriage boundary can also be the recipient of leftover nails or staples. Naturally, these must be removed from the line. Otherwise, they can ultimately damage the manufactured home.

Another area of concern would be the head duct gasket of the marriage boundary. If this area is not fully inspected, it can lead to serious structure damage over time. Moreover, if the head duct gasket is not fully inspected and in a smooth condition, it can also lead to a manufactured home having some serious problems with their shear walls. If the shear walls of the manufactured home are not able to withstand wind, the mobile just might collapse if the wind is bad enough. Furthermore, the gaps in a marriage boundary cannot exceed more than one inch. If they do, the marriage boundary needs to be reconditioned so that the home no longer has this gap.

Naturally, allowing for this type of line can cause a lot of grief, however there is another way. Have you ever considering investing in a home that simply does not have a marriage boundary? Now, you might be reading that and think it is impossible. However, with Ponderosa Homes of Texas you not only can have your own home build on your own land, but you can have a home that does not have a marriage boundary at all! This means that a Ponderosa Home is not put together and you will not have to worry about it being fragile and falling apart on you. If you are looking to have a home built on your land call them today for more information.

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