What we do at Ponderosa Homes of Texas is build one of our Bonanza Series homes on YOUR land. We introduced the Bonanza series to be the most competitively priced site-built home on the market.

We found that many families looking for affordable housing automatically think that all they can afford or qualify to buy, is a manufactured home. We aim to prove otherwise.

We have found that we can build a high-quality site-built home on an engineered, inspected, post tension cable foundation, WITH a garage in many cases, for about the same as what you can purchase that comparable manufactured home for.  If you are considering a manufactured or modular home for your property, be sure and give us a look first! Here are some comparisons to consider:

Ponderosa Site Built

Built to International Residential Code
Post tension cable solid slab foundation
2x4 walls throughout
2x6 roof rafters built to engineered prints
½” sheetrock, taped, floated and textured throughout
Built on site one system at a time
Finance and Mortgage Community acceptance
Appreciates in value
1 Car built in attached garage
Optional 2 car built in attached garage
Real Wood Knotty Alder cabinets
Trane High Efficiency Heat Pumps
Optional Landscape/Sod/Irrigation package
Standard 50 gal quick recovery electric water heater
No “marriage line”
Stained Concrete floors everywhere but bedrooms

Manufactured Home

Built to HUD “performance” code
Free-poured piers or runners
2x3 or smaller interior walls
2x2 pre-built gang nailed “truss type” roof rafters
¼” to 3/8” vinyl or paper covered sheetrock with batten strips
Built in a factory and systems mated on an assembly line
Finance and Mortgage Community skepticism
?? Probably not
No garage  –  small shed maybe?
Maybe a carport? Not attached or built in
MDF veneer cabinets
Goodman or Intertherm AC with open coil furnace
Mowed Rocks?
Optional 50 gal water heater
Marriage line always there
Linoleum in wet areas, carpet in most other areas

I ask you, if the pricing is even close to the same, why choose a manufactured home when we can build a new Ponderosa home on your land? In many cases in less time too!

In addition, our specialty lenders will make the financing process as painless as it can be. We have hand-picked them for their competency and ability to perform in financing a site-built home Built on YOUR land.