Do you have land that you bought in with hopes of one day developing it and living on it? You are not alone. Buying land as a first step in establishing your future home is an idea that has been growing among home owners, today. However, many of those with this dream feel that they must resort to mobile homes for an affordable option, believing that a real house is out of their price range or construction ability.

We at Ponderosa Homes of Texas believe you should have the option as to what house goes on your land, and we built a business and stake our name on our ability to provide the option of real home ownership to Texas land owners like you.

We have the expertise and qualifications to bring your dream to reality, and we have many different home construction options from which you can choose. If you think this sounds like it will be expensive, think again. We have partnered with mortgage lenders that are familiar with this type of home development, who can offer affordable options to cover the cost of your house.

You bought this land, because you wanted to live on your own land. You shouldn’t have to give up quality craftsmanship for that goal. The reality is that manufactured home options that are out there only meet the minimum standards the state requires and use low quality materials that will not last.

However, we bring high quality materials to the professional construction of your house with OPTIONS not available with the mobile home vendors, which is why we have become one of the most trusted providers of affordable housing in Johnson, Parker, and Wise counties.

We offer several different housing options, and our model home is available for you to see.  So come by and check out what we can do to help you with the home your dreams. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised at our quality, our cost, and our time to completion of your new home.

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If you are searching for affordable housing in Johnson, Parker or Wise County, look no further. Call the professionals at Ponderosa Homes of Texas or contact us here to to find out more about a  real site built home. Specialized mortgage lenders are ready and waiting to help finance your dream home.