For those looking for affordable housing in Parker, Johnson, or Wise county in Texas, check out what we have to offer before you decide on putting in a modular home. We offer competitive prices for a custom built home comparable to what you would pay for a factory built home. It will be sturdier than a prefabricated home and will be built using better materials. We take pride in our work and want you to be well satisfied with the quality we put into every house we build.

We start with the base using a post tension cable foundation which increases the strength of the concrete tremendously. A modular home uses runners or piers for the foundation. This is an inferior setup for a home you will be living in.

A Post Tension Slab

This is a slab using steel cables through it with a tension of over 30,000 pounds. This gives it much more strength than regular concrete without this reinforcing. It also helps cut down on any cracks being formed in the concrete. This type of foundation will support your house without any types of problems arising in the future.

More Advantages

There are many more advantages having one of our homes built compared to a modular or prefabricated house. Besides the use of a post tension cable foundation, we use two by four construction for all the walls and two by six roof rafters. A prefab home will use two by three lumber in interior walls with two by two truss type rafter system.

We use 1/2 inch thick drywall that had been taped and texture coated throughout the house. A manufactured home uses thin sheetrock that is attached to batten strips. Our company installs real wood cabinets while you get MDF cabinets with a thin veneer layer attached. These type of cabinets will soon fall apart due to moisture and humidity in the air.

Energy System

Our homes have a Trane heat pump that is highly efficient and very dependable. This is a very economical system to run over the furnace and AC system you will get in a manufactured home. The homes we build are also well insulated which help reduce energy costs.

We also have a one car attached garage as part of the standard package. A two car garage is optional as well as a landscape package.

If you have been thinking of purchasing a prefabricated home, check out what we have to offer first. The pricing is competitive and you will end up with a much better home that will increase in vale. Our quality is something we take pride in and we have several different plans that you will be able to pick from.

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