It can be tempting for new home buyers to look into the purchase of a mobile home. When money is tight and you have limited options, the price point of this type of home can be hard to overlook. Fact is, you can build a high-quality site-built home on an engineered, inspected, post tension cable foundation, WITH a garage in many cases, for about the same as what you can purchase that comparable manufactured home for.

While the allure of a moderately-priced home that can be moved may be strong, mobile homes have many downfalls that make them less than ideal.

Disadvantages of Mobile Homes

They Lose Their Value Quickly

Historically, mobile homes do not hold their value in the manner that of site built homes. Mobile homes typically do not appreciate or can even decrease in value over time. The amount that a home depreciates in a single year is based on the remaining useful life, wear and tear, and the salvage value.

Moving Them Can Be Difficult

Mobile homes are considered “personal property,” because they can be moved even after they are built or placed. However, although mobile homes were designed to be portable, oftentimes it can be almost impossible to move these structures. Anything attaching parts of the structure to the ground or anything that could fall off during transportation must be removed prior to moving the home. In addition, the process of relocating a mobile home can be costly.

They are More Prone to Damage

Generally, mobile homes are set on a temporary foundation. This makes them more prone to damage from catastrophic events and natural disasters. It is highly likely that if a mobile homeowner experiences either of these events, the home will be considered a “total loss.”

Advantages of Site Built Homes

The value of site built homes appreciates over time, because the homeowner typically owns the underlying acreage. They are defined as “real property,” which also increases their value.

Also, many developments do not have restrictions on site built homes as they do for mobile homes. Deed restrictions often exclude manufactured homes, but be prepared for some confusion between the two types of dwellings.

Manufactured homes also conform to a Federal Housing Code, known as HUD, instead of the code that exists at the destination. They are built on steel chassis that are not removable.

In order to secure home ownership through Ponderosa Homes of Texas, you already own the land. No more messing with landlords or rental agreements. There are several options to choose from, so you can select the model that works best with your property layout.

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