1. Give us a call, text, or email and tell us you are interested in learning more.

2. One of team, will contact you and request more information about your property and your needs regarding financing.

3. We will schedule a visit at our model home and/or your site visit at your property. At the model center, you will be able to select colors and review any options you choose.

4. We will provide pricing based on your selections. If pricing is agreeable, we can partner you with one of our preferred lenders.

5. Once your loan is approved, we will schedule another meeting to review the entire process and make sure you completely understand how the process works.  At that time, we will have preliminary paperwork to review and complete, both for Ponderosa Homes and your  Mortgage Lender. 

6. We will provide the numbers to your lender, then the appraisal and survey will be ordered. The surveyor will also mark any applicable set-backs, building lines, easements, etc. for us to build around. 

7. Once all the above is approved, you will close on your Construction Loan* and we will schedule construction. *Construction loans could be one or two times closing, depending on the loan.

8. Depending on the type of construction loan, the lender may modify the construction loan to become a permanent loan, we hand you your keys and this is you, the HAPPY HOMEOWNER!

How a home built on your lot works